I have been a client for over five years and have never been disappointed by any workout that Julio has developed. He has been a great asset in my recovery from a detached bicep (not done in the gym). In addition I had a very arthritic hip and we spend a ton of time on corrective exercise and general hip complex strengthening in preparation for my eventual hip replacement surgery. My recovery after surgery has been excellent and the work we did prior to surgery played a large role in that process. Julio even worked directly with my physical therapist to ensure that both my gym workout and my P.T. workouts were complementing each other for the best possible outcome. I would highly recommend Julio for any fitness need, he is very personable, highly knowledgeable and always willing to go above and beyond to work with his clients to achieve the desired goals.

Ray Hardy

Joining Ascent personal training was my first time ever having my own personal trainer. Julio made it an experience I will never forget because everyday he was there for me to answer any of my questions not only as a personal trainer but also as a friend. He knew how to create progress in myself whether it was in my image or in my lifestyle choices. I had knowledge of a healthy lifestyle before I joined ; however , working with Julio enhanced that knowledge which has stuck with me even in my off season life. He even could put up with my sassy attitude which was a plus.

Angela Lowenstein

I have been working out with Julio since June of 2014. He continually researches new ways of training and is willing to make adjustments to my workouts when needed. When I asked if he would be willing to switch to a 5:30 AM time so I could get my workout in before work instead of coming after work, he made the change. I look forward to going to the gym three times a week. If you are looking for a highly qualified trainer, I would recommend Julio.

Bonny L.

I am so happy to provide this testimonial for Julio Ybarra; he is an excellent trainer.

After losing a long time personal trainer then doing a little research, I hired Julio. It has been close to 4 years. Great decision on my part!

It has been fours years of general good health with a few incidents. Julio has challenged me as well as helped me get though some issues without missing a step. He knows the science that supports all of his training sessions to ensure the most positive results.

I am an avid “competitive” cyclist and improving my strength for the benefit of better cycling results is important to me. Julio’s program design, using specific exercises, has improved my numbers quite a bit. Julio is a true professional through and though but also has a big heart and listens when I need to be listened to; trainer/therapist. I see Julio as my strength trainer and partner in my health and fitness as I grow older, boulder and definitely stronger!

Marti Papke

When I first started training with Ascent Personal Training, I thought I was in pretty good condition physically. I had already completed 4 Marathons and numerous shorter races. I also thought I had a pretty decent understanding of nutrition and what my body needed. I was wrong. I have learned so much, and the changes to my body are incredible. Julio has taught me about nutrition and macros and conditioned my body in a way I didn’t think possible for a woman a bit over 40. But, it’s so much more than just the physical aspect of my progress. Julio has taught me the way I think and what I believe in my mind has a huge impact on what I can achieve. I’ve been able to shave more than a minute off my per mile race speed with his training. If you’re looking something beyond the “typical gym trainer” and want to go to the next level, then Julio should be your next call.

Rose Pace

My name is Genice N Walker and I have been a client of Julio’s going on 4 years. My initial reason for getting into fitness training and nutrition were for my overall health and to REMAIN in my size 6 clothes! As I kept working with Julio he saw that I had the potential, drive and motivation to compete. I accepted the challenge and won my first show. I must say that I have been with 5 trainers and he is by far the MOST knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition than any other trainer I’ve known. My advice to anyone who is looking for change in the best way, I would tell them to just “listen to him and you will achieve your goals.”

Genice Walker

I’ve learned that without the benefit of regularly scheduled training sessions, I cannot achieve the improvements to my overall health that I am striving for. Fortunately, a friend of mine referred me to Ascent Personal Training. My trainer is both professional and personable. The exercises he selects are designed to keep my entire body fit. Without reservation, I recommend Ascent Personal Training to those committed to achieving and maintaining good health for the long term.


I have been training with Julio since March of 2015, and he is hands down the best trainer I have ever worked with. I have done 3 NPC shows training under Julio, and have qualified for teen nationals at all 3. From the start of prep to standing in the wings about to step on stage, he is there with you through every step- mentally, physically, and emotionally. He creates the ultimate athlete, not only one who can win titles on stage but also apply the concepts of mental and emotional strength into your every day life. Julio holds a wealth of knowledge in the fitness industry and is always trying to learn more to better himself and his athletes. Truly the most in depth training you can find!!

Brianna Baenke

I’ve had many personal trainers over the years and have stayed in reasonably good shape…until I met Julio Ybarra! He listened to me and formulated a wellness plan that includes fitness and nutrition that resulted in my feeling and looking better than I did 10 years ago! Julio guided me to a long term solution – with increasingly more healthful habits that I can sustain.
Once in awhile I think to move to a different city or state, but Julio at Ascent Personal Training is one key reason why I don’t move.


I met Julio about four years ago. I was looking to get healthier so I joined a gym and had a consult with Julio, he explained what I needed to do to accomplish my goal. Julio has not only helped me lose over 70lbs., but he has taught me how to eat properly and to face my emotional issues that let me put the weight on to begin with. Julio is an exceptional personal trainer that takes your needs and helps you in every way. If you are looking to change your life for the better Julio is the man that will take you beyond any expectations that you have. I am much healthier and most of all happier because of his dedication on my behalf.

Teresa G.

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