Client Success Principles1. Personal Responsibility -Take active responsibility for your success, because no one else can do it for you.

2. Have Courage, Practice Faith In order to progress in your health & fitness you must attack your fears to grow.

3. Develop A Future Mindset – Following a healthy lifestyle does not reward you immediately, you have to postpone your immediate gratification, for real long term change that is immensely more valuable.

4. In Order To Lead, You First Have To Follow – Being teachable is an essential skill for success in any domain.

Client Success Principles5. Create A Vision, and Set Goals – Know WHAT you stand for, WHY its important to you, WHERE you want to go & HOW you are going to get there.

6. Craft Your Attitude – Your attitude will determine your experience, relationships and results. Focus on delivering your best and you will win every time.

7. Organize Yourself – Reaching your health & fitness goals takes real change, Managing your self is going to be one of the best skills you develop in our program.

8. Know Your Nutrition Numbers (calories/macros) – Its not about how much you burn, its about how much you take in.

9. Do Your Home Work Exercises – Committing to your health & fitness means more than just showing up for your sessions, Take ownership and follow the program completely.

10. Commit To Results, Not Activity – Don’t get lost in activity, hold yourself accountable to results. Meal prep, Foam roll, Stretch, read motivational books etc. Success is your duty unleash your energies and commit to Results.