In our pursuit to achieving our health and fitness goals we have a variety of components we need to develop. The first things that come to mind are exercise technique, nutrition habits, and our mental landscape. What I’m addressing is much deeper, I’m addressing the ability to adapt and grow.

But first here are some common discouraging beliefs that sabotage our effort.
“I need to defeat and be better than everyone in order to win”
”I have to give up everything to be healthy“
“Extreme levels of effort are the only way to reach success”

What I’m saying yes, these can produce “some” results but they simply aren’t a Long Term Solution. To see real change we have to operate internally at a different level this means practicing connection with in your mind & body.

You were born with all senses (touch, feel, sight, sound, smell, intuition, emotional interpretation etc.). Developing the understanding of your senses is a big part of your success.

To harness the full scope of your personal power is to learn how to garner your awareness, strengthen consciousness, and practice understanding and implementing your senses to guide you to through your life.

Lets start with developing your “Instrument” the human body. Your body is extremely complex with lots of moving parts. Your body is like a grand piano with a large number of inoperative keys. The function of the Personal Trainer is to free all those keys so they can be played upon easily and on demand. Thus increasing the capability of the person to engage with and use their Instrument.

A difficult process at times, and one that may take some time to achieve. However its possible with the right Knowledge, Systems and Support.

Now your success in your health & fitness depends on two variables.

The first is a “free” instrument – one unhampered by physical, emotional and intellectual blocks. The first achievement here is to understand exercise technique, the basics of nutrition, and having worked through your psychological blocks and developed consistency.

The second and equally important element is craft and technique of your fitness habits. Again this requires all of the following listed above but now you’ve, mastered it to a level were it is a “lifestyle” you have a frame work of skills you live daily and live in harmony with in your fitness practice, you exercise regularly, you have control of your weight and you have a healthy perception of your body, you have no overall health concerns that are related to what you can control and you are not persuaded by the latest fitness trends. This is ultimate happiness & freedom in your fitness practice.

Each element without the other makes for one-dimensional results, undisciplined, and sporadic results. This is a topic I will go into more detail in the future, but for now read this post and become familiar with the components for your success

Lets get you to a place to adapt like you never had before. #beginyourascent

Now lets put this all to use, I want you to turn your sensory skills up a notch. Lets practice being mindful

  • From now on we will not talk during your exercise set, so we can enhance your mind, and body awareness of the exercise thus improving your concentration.
  • I want you to think about your breathing during your workouts, when walking / running and at random intervals through out the day.
  • Mentally bring your attention to the working area of the body during any exercise.
    • Example: if you are doing squats think about your feet, then move attention to your thighs, migrate to the hips, include the spine and abs, and last the upper back. Once all areas are brought to awareness align all working muscles together as one connected unit.

“Your ability to apply your focus and concentrate is by far one of the most powerful forces you have”