Courage is the zone of exploration, the act of pushing beyond boundaries and the tipping point that initiates all action. Courage is an empowering energy that has suppressed the inner resistance to change. Courage implies the willingness to try new things and deal with the changes and challenges of life. At this level of empowerment, one is beginning to develop.

  • Personal Power:True power that resides from earned integrity
  • Fortitude:Strength of mind that is able to cope with problems as challenges.
  • Determination:The act of deciding definitely and firmly.

This level of empowerment will nudge you to face fears, or character defects and to grow despite them. It takes a lot of energy and effort to rise to this level of empowerment. This state of motivation should not be taken lightly; this is a very exciting and formable time, for personal growth. Now while in this state of motivation it’s important to harvest your energy and put it to use to empower your future self.

Don’t sell out

The urge to change can be so strong that we will act impulsively to solve a problem. Avoid quick fixes they will only separate you from your personal power and leave you demoralized when the results do not last. The aim here is empowerment, that leads to real growth. Seek to not only solve these problems but also out growing them. This means developing a long-term vision that will draw out higher quality solutions and address the heart of the matter. This is how true power is harnessed by mustering up the courage to try new things, to learn, apply and adapt.

Take the high road, Begin Your Ascent.